Real Estate Investing with EJCP Inc – What We Do

EJCP Investment Group is in the business of providing a path from tenancy to homeownership for hard working people, while relieving home sellers of the burden of their undesirable property, and creating solid returns for our investors

Investment Strategy

  1. Location:

We concentrate our investing efforts in and around the I-95 corridor from Fredericksburg, Virginia to Richmond, Virginia. This is a very strong market area and will be well into the foreseeable future.

  1. Our Main Criteria for Selecting a Deal:
  • First, we look for sellers who are very motivated to sell their problem properties
  • Second, we look for properties that have fallen into disrepair
  • Third, we look for properties we can buy at wholesale prices
  1. Various Forms of Creative Financing We Use to Acquire Properties:
  • Seller financing
  • Repair allowances
  • Mortgage assumption
  • Options to purchase
  1. To Ensure Our Continued Success and Return on Investment:
  • We seller finance properties for high cash flow
  • We sell our seller financed notes to build capital
  • We lease-option properties for cash flow and to increase capital
  • We hold properties as rentals for cash flow and possible future increased value
  1. We continually strengthen our relationships with local vendors, contractors, and professional service providers to reduce our costs.

Company Overview

Our company focuses on acquiring single family homes and townhomes that are undervalued or underperforming which can be improved and repositioned to increase our net operating income.

We have a specific geographic focus in the Fredericksburg and Richmond areas.

We have extensive experience with the entire real estate investment process from start to finish – undervalued acquisitions, creative financing, improvement and development, asset management, and disposition.

Investment Lifecycle

1 – Buy property

2 – Improve or reposition property

3 – Option 1 – Sell property with owner financing

Option 2 – Sell property with rent-to-own

Option 3 – Rent out property

4 – Option 1 – Hold property for cash flow and future equity

Option 2 – Sell owner financing note after 6-12 months of seasoning

5 – Duplicate process

Investment Goals

  • High cash on cash returns
  • Tax advantages through depreciation and deferred sales
  • Equity through leverage
  • Appreciation
  • Hedge against inflation

 Partnering with EJCP Investment Group

  1. Specific Plan:

EJCP is executing a specific plan for acquiring underperforming properties with growth potential in the Fredericksburg to Richmond market. These assets will then be repositioned, and then sold or rented to meet the growing need for safe and clean housing for working people.

  1. Growing Wealth:

We have learned that buying underperforming properties is an excellent way to grow wealth. There is a combination of appreciation, monthly cash flow, equity build up from principal payment, and tax benefits. We target properties that others are overlooking by using our unique marketing approach.

  1. Attractive Returns:

We offer our investors attractive cash-on-cash returns, secured by the actual real estate property itself. This high return rate coupled with the safety and security of real estate makes our property investing approach a sought-after option for any wealth building strategy.

If you have similar investment goals, then we cordially invite you to contact us.

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