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If you are interested in real estate investing in the Fredericksburg or Richmond areas, but don’t want to deal with finding the right properties, managing the properties, doing the renovations, tenants, repairs, etc., then you should consider investing with EJCP Inc.

If you have cash available to invest in a real estate deal, but don’t have the time, experience or interest in doing all the work yourself, you can partner with us as a private lender. By becoming a private lender for one of our property acquisitions, you can profit by investing your money in our real estate deal and have your investment secured by the actual piece of real estate through a Deed of Trust.  This would be a passive real estate investment for you where we do all of the work to keep the property in good condition and the tenants happy.

Contact us by phone at 540.847.5687, email at, or by filling out the contact form below, and we will be happy to talk to you about becoming a private lender, or about the different options for investing in real estate in the Fredericksburg or Richmond area.


Real estate investing in Fredericksburg VA!

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We can help you can get involved with real estate investing in Fredericksburg – we assist you with buying residential rental property, we can partner with you to buy property, or we can help you earn a fixed return on your capital investment.

We are a full service real estate investment company located in Fredericksburg and Richmond Virginia and we make real estate investing easy! We do all of the work and you earn a nice return on your money. We make you money work for you! Let us help you invest in residential real estate without you having to do any of the dirty work.

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