How do I get involved with real estate investing?

How do I get involved with real estate investing?

Are you wondering… How do I get involved with real estate investing? There are a few ways we can help you can get involved with real estate investing – we assist you with buying residential rental property, we can partner with you to buy property, or we can help you earn a fixed return on your capital investment.

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Let us help you invest in residential real estate without doing all of the dirty work. We are a full service real estate investment company located in Fredericksburg and Richmond Virginia and we make real estate investing easy! We handle all the property maintenance, tenant issues, property management issues, pay all of the taxes and insurance, and handle all aspects of the property rental process. We do all of the work and you earn a nice return on your money. We make you money work for you!

Our president is a real estate broker, licensed in the commonwealth of Virginia and is happy to assist you with finding and purchasing your rental real estate property. Consult with him and he will find out exactly what type of property or properties are right for you and act as your buyer’s agent for the purchase. His years of negotiating and working with buyers will be a huge asset to you and be a great resource to help you with your real estate financial decision.

If you would like more assistance with your real estate investing, we can help by partnering with you on a residential real estate investment property. We buy properties regularly and sometimes look for partners to purchase the property with. This partnering will be a benefit to us and you and could be a good way to start your real estate investing. Contact us for more information and details.

You can also invest your capital directly with us with a term loan. You could invest with us on a specific property and have your capital secured by the actual real estate itself. Your investment can earn a great fixed return with term lengths from 12 to 60 months, or even longer if you wish. This is a great way to get started with passive real estate investing without any of the headaches involved with active real estate investing such as dealing with tenants, maintenance, and property problems. We take care of all of that part of the investment. If you would like more details of how to get involved with passive real estate investing, contact us and we will be happy to start helping you right away!

Good luck and let us know if we can help you!

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